Sunday, September 19, 2010

Southern Belle v/s Redneck Woman

Southern Belles know bad manners when they see them: Drinking straight out of the can, not sending thank you notes, and wearing white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day.  A Redneck Woman knows about the only bad manner is spitting in some one's path.  The invite was the thank you in the first place, and they don't even own a pair of white shoes.  Boots go with everything.

Southern Belles always appreciate their natural assets: dewy skin, a winning smile, and that unforgettable southern drawl.  Redneck Women know their assets are irreplaceable: a low cut shirt, tight jeans, and a mean left hook.

Southern Belles have a distinct way with expressing themselves: "Well, Bless your heart!", "How's your mama?", and "Love your hair!"  Redneck Women have a way with expression too: "Rules? What rules?", "Damn, that was fun!", and "The beer is cold and the chicken is hot!"

Southern Belles don't sweat, they glisten.  While Redneck Women sweat like a pig working right along side the best of men.

A Southern Belle knows the joys of summer: Sun tans, wide brimmed hats, and strapless sun dresses.  A Redneck Woman knows the joys of summer too: tank tops, cut off jeans, and bare feet.

A Southern Belle knows everyone by their first name: Honey, Darlin', and Sugah.  A Redneck Woman knows what to call everyone: Bubba, Cuz, and Hey You.

A Southern Belle knows that any respectable girl practices religion and goes to church to help out as much as possible.  A Redneck Woman has only one religion - Football!  From mites to the NFL, your church is your team, and even their daughters are in the local league.

A Southern Belle knows there is power in fluttering lashes and a soft voice.  A Redneck Woman knows no one is going to hand you any power - you must simply take it!

Julia and Cheyeanne have been best friends for 20 years, yet they are very different women.  Julia, a former debutante from a prominent southern family hailing from France is a stay at home mother of four.  Cheyeanne is a strong working mother of two with a poor background and comes from a mixed white trash and Cherokee family that couldn't even spell her name correctly when she was born.

Together, Julia and Cheyeanne's friendship has stood the test of time.  While Julia widened her experiences traveling the world and living abroad for several years, Cheyeanne put herself through school to break away from her family's background.  Together they are unstoppable and their friendship greatly resembles that of a modern Iggy and Ruth from Fried Green Tomatoes.

Together they have also developed strong opinions on topics of just about everything, and mostly these opinions clash.  Here you can read their reviews of restaurants and movies, get their opinions on current events, and even summit questions for their advice.

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  1. Even though I follow the white shoe rules, I am askeered that I'm a redneck woman :)

  2. Oh Dear, I think there might just be a bit of both in us all.

  3. Great idea for a blog!

    Sounds like a great friendship you guys have made.