Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day In The Country ~ Restaurant Review

Cheyeanne: We stopped off for lunch at the Cafe on the Veranda inside A Day in the Country in Hendersonville, NC.  I often get a to-go salad, but never really get to eat inside.  This place is just plum nice.  The food is great, and they have this really calm veranda where you can eat outside in the shade.  However, the people who work there are morons!

I had the Chef Salad with home made honey-poppy dressing.  This is always one of my favs and they serve it with a garnish of cantaloupe and a piece of broccoli cornbread.  I also had a cup of clam chowder and a water.  Julia and I decided to split a piece of Strawberry Cream Cake.  All in all, it was very yummy, except the strawberry cream cake.  It was soggy, so Julia finished my half.

Julia: This place is simply charming, but sadly the employees don't match the ambiance.  We must have stood in line 30 minutes to place our order.  Why they don't come to the tables to take orders is beyond me.  We were told it would be about 20 minutes for our food, but we were only told this after we had paid.  I just love how places like to wait until they have ran your card for payment before they tell you it will be a long wait, deal with it.  It actually took them around 35 minutes to bring our food and when they did the woman walked out on the veranda searching for our number that was clearly posted on our table then took our food back inside.  It took 2 different women to see that our table was marked with the #31 card they gave us before we got our food.  I ordered the Magnolia's Maddening Turkey sandwich and a cup of tomato basil soup.  The food was really good, but I'm still wondering why it takes them so long to serve the food when none of it requires cooking.  It is all deli styled food.  Anything that has to be cooked, like the soup, has been cooked for hours.  Does it really take 35 minutes to make a sandwich, a salad, and dip out two cups of soup?

Cheyeanne:  Once the morons finally brought out our food it was wrong.  Like I said, we got a piece of strawberry cream cake to split, but they brought us out a salad with nuts and strawberries on it.  The waitress took it back and said she would get the cake instead.  I questioned her about the bill as well and she said she would check.  (Salad was $7, cake only $4)  She told me that we were charged the correct amount.  I let it go.  I shouldn't have.  When I got home and pulled up their menu online and started adding up what we got, they over charged us and this waitress lied.  

Julia:  Long after we were finished eating we still didn't have our cake yet.  Then the waitress walked over and asked us "How did you enjoy everything?  That strawberry cake is really good, isn't it?"  We then had to inform her that she had failed to ever bring it to the table, so we didn't know how good it was yet.  We also asked for some water, since we hadn't received any refills since we first sat down 35 minutes before they even brought out our food.  She left, brought out the cake, and yet still never bothered to fill our glasses with more water.  I ended up walking over to the unattended waitress station and helping myself to refills for us both.  The food itself however is wonderful.  Needless to say, if we order from there again it will be a call in order where we swing by and pick it up.  A place this nice and fancy with prices in the range that they are really needs to have a wait staff instead of the whole 'wait in line to order, then wait for your food, then never see anyone for anything again' set up they have going. 

And if you get a persons order wrong, fix their bill.  That is just dirty manners and a bad way of doing business that will result in loss of business and bad word of mouth.

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